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Definition of Basic Income

A basic income is a regular sum of money granted unconditionally by a political community to each of its members. There are four criteria underlying the idea of basic income:

  • A basic income provides individuals with a sustainable livelihood that enables social participation.
  • It constitutes an individual legal right.
  • It is provided without means-testing.
  • It does not entail any obligation to work or perform other services in return.
About the Network

The Netzwerk Grundeinkommen (Basic Income Network)

  • was founded in 2004.
  • is an association of people and organizations that advocate a basic income with its four precisely defined criteria.
  • is an organization with members, statutes, democratic structures and a transparent way of working.
  • is committed to social and political activities promoting the introduction of a basic income, including educational and public relations work, services to the basic income movement, and scientific discussions and political action, such as
    • coordinating scientific conferences.
    • organizing parliamentary evenings and publicizing the network’s positions on parliamentary activities.
    • releasing press statements about political events.
    • organizing regional meetings of basic income groups.
    • maintaining the grundeinkommen.de website with independent editorial staff.
    • maintaining the woche-des-grundeinkommens.eu, grundeinkommen-ist-waehlbar.de, BasicIncomeInitiative.eu websites.
    • publishing information and debates via moderated mailing lists.
    • publishing a newsletter.
    • maintaining a Facebook page.
    • maintaining an online calendar for events relating to basic income.
    • maintaining a map of basic income groups in Germany and worldwide.
    • publishing and regularly updating a bibliography on basic income and related subject areas.
    • publishing and regularly updating an overview of basic income models and basic social security approaches in Germany.
    • providing advertising and information materials and other publications.
    • arranging contacts with possible speakers to give presentations on basic income topics.
    • answering questions.
  • is part of the German and international basic income movement and promotes international networking activities. Some of these include:
    • organizing the German Basic Income Roundtable for the various people and organisations in Germany working for the introduction of a basic income.
    • organizing the International Basic Income Roundtable with representatives from other countries.
    • fostering the cooperation with other social movements and political and scientific organizations in Germany and abroad, e.g. in the form of joint organization of conferences, meetings, and political demonstrations.
  • is BIEN Germany, the German affiliate of the Basic Income Earth Network.
  • offers interested parties the possibility to actively participate in working groups, regional groups, the editorial staff, and the Network council.
  • is supported by a funding association and a scientific advisory council.
Advertising and Information Materials
Papers, Positions, Presentations
  • From the Idea of a basic income to the political movement in Europe. Development and questions
    by Ronald Blaschke, Berlin, August 2012
  • Unconditional Basic Income: an effective means of tackling (hidden) poverty and promoting freedom for all and democracy
    by Ronald Blaschke, Brussels, April 2014
    presentation, paper
  • Unconditional Basic Income (UBI): A trade union goal?
    by Ronald Blaschke, Berlin, May 2014
  • Basic Income in Germany and as a Global Social Right
    by Council of Netzwerk Grundeinkommen, Berlin, December 2015

Facts about social security and basic income concepts in various European countries
Press Releases